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Home Credit Bank holds a leading position in the financial retail market in Russia. Included in the TOP-10 on loans to individuals, ranks first in the market of consumer loans at points of sale. On this page we present the main banking products of this financial institution.

All bank products


Product Amount Percent Request
Consumer loan up to 990,000 from 10.9% To issue
Debit Card “Benefit”   The percentage of the balance – 7% To issue
Freedom installment card Up to 300,000 0% on all installments To issue

Home loan

To apply online and receive a loan, you need only a passport .

General conditions

General conditions

  • Amount from 10,000 to 500,000 rubles for new customers
  • Amount from 10,000 to 990,000 rubles for those who are already a bank customer
  • Term from 12 to 84 months
  • Rate: from 10.9 – up to 24%
  • Without references, only on the passport

Borrower requirements

Borrower requirements

  • Age: 22 to 70 years old
  • Citizenship: RF
  • Permanent source of income
  • Registration or residence in the region of the loan
  • Good credit history

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Debit Card – Benefit

A debit card from Home Credit Bank with the possibility of free maintenance, free cash withdrawals at any ATM in the world 5 times a month and charging 7% per annum on the card balance makes this card very attractive for daily use.

Main advantages

Main advantages

  • Free delivery by courier
  • Instant replenishment of the card without commission in the Internet bank
  • Cashback points are awarded by the Benefit program. 1 point always 1 ruble
  • Free service with a balance of 10 000 rubles. or transactions in the amount of 5 000 rubles. per month, in other cases, 99 rubles. per month

General conditions

General conditions

  • Annual interest on daily balance
    • 7% – with a balance of less than 300,000 rubles and making purchases in an amount of at least 5,000 rubles per month
    • 3% – in the amount of exceeding 300,000 rubles and making purchases in the amount of not less than 5,000 rubles per month
    • 0% – in other cases
  • Cashback “Benefit”
    • up to 10% cashback on purchases from bank partners
    • 3% – on purchases in cafes, gas stations and travel
    • 1% for any purchases
  • Monthly account maintenance fee
    • 0 ₽ if the amount of purchases on the card exceeds 5,000 rubles, or the balance on the card exceeds 10,000 rubles, or if the card is issued as part of a salary project
    • $ 99 in other cases
  • Additional benefits
    • 0 ₽ – account replenishment in the Internet Bank and in the mobile application
    • no commission cash withdrawal at any ATM in the world – 5 times a month

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Why choose Home Credit

The bank attracts clients of different social status due to the presence of a wide product line. Here you can get a small loan to purchase goods in stores or a larger amount for personal needs. For wealthy clients, the bank has prepared offers for obtaining status cards endowed with profitable options, such as a purchase insurance program, urgent medical or legal assistance, cashback or participation in the bonus program.

Making out loan products, Home Credit Bank customer can always count on participating in financial protection programs. In the event of difficult situations, the bank will help to increase the loan term in order to reduce the size of the payment, to provide a credit holiday or the opportunity to skip the monthly payment.

A large proportion of bank customers are investors. It is profitable to open a deposit in Home Credit Bank due to flexible conditions, competitive interest rate. Clients can be assured of the safety and security of their funds, since all customer deposits are insured according to the all-Russian system of insurance of deposits of individuals.

Bank assistance and participation in social life

In addition to products and services in the financial field, the bank is actively involved in social life. Constantly working to improve the financial literacy of the population – produced special materials for borrowers. The Bank cooperates with journalists who are ready to share the best materials that contribute to improving the financial literacy of Russians.

Since 2009, Home Credit has been participating in a charitable program aimed at helping graduates to obtain higher education. Assistance is provided to those children who find themselves in difficult social and economic conditions.

For almost two decades, Home Credit Bank has been constantly improving and improving its services and services, trying to go to meet its customers, to be reliable and profitable.

Home Credit Bank Summary

Home Credit Bank was formed in 1992 and over the following years of work, it took one of the leading positions on the Russian market in the field of consumer lending. The network has more than 1,000 ATMs and about 300 offices and representative offices in Russia, whose employees are always ready to provide competent advice and help in obtaining loans, credit cards and other banking products. Which is not surprising, because one of the main strategic directions for the bank is the development of customer service.


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