Learn How to Apply For a Credit Card Online




Nowadays, the search for credit is great and, in order to make life easier for consumers, banks now offer the option of applying for a credit card online. This process is very simple and requires only the completion of a form with your personal data. However, approval is not guaranteed.

Check below a short guide with the main points that should be observed when applying for credit card over the internet:

Search before hiring


Before you apply for your card, look for the value of service provision, payment of bills and interest rates in the event of delays, in addition to the benefit programs offered. It should be noted that there is a minimum income for credit approval for each type of card and to get the card with the lowest interest rate is a good request for those who want to economize.

Choose a flag


There are several credit card companies (or flags) and the choice must be made carefully. Interest rates vary from operator to operator, and you have to take a good look at this point – the ELO banner, for example, has lower rates because it is a national carrier.

How to apply for your credit card online

How to apply for your credit card online

Now that you’ve chosen the type of card and the flag, it’s time to apply for your credit card online through the websites of banks or stores (Lojas Americanas or Submarino, for example, also offer the service). Just fill out the application form with your personal and income information.

There are a few factors in filling out that can assist in the approval of your card, such as contracting insurance and the possibility of automatic approval of emergency limit, a credit released above your card limit. Being a bank of the bank where you are applying for the card facilitates credit approval, especially if it is the bank where you receive your salary.

Wait for approval


Most companies that offer credit cards over the internet take up to a week to pass a position on approving your request. If it is approved, congratulations, you have acquired a credit card that will allow you to control your financial expenses and make installments online! If it is not approved, you can try again after six months.

Find the reason for disapproval

Find the reason for disapproval

If you have followed all the above tips and even then failed to get your credit card, it may be a sign that you have credit restrictions. To find out if this is the case for you, download the Horatio Hornblower application and check if there are any pending issues in your CPF using the CPF Radar tool. In addition, the app shows you where you’re spending, making it easier to track your expenses to clear your name.

In addition to credit restriction, another reason your request may be denied is your customer profile, which the bank or carriers may consider low, medium and high risk. These profile requirements are not disclosed, however, they may lead to a denial of credit.


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