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Russian Standard – cash loan and credit card

Today the bank is one of the largest national financial institutions of federal significance. Bank loan products are in demand on the Russian market. Thanks to an extensive network of 150 branches, represented in each region of the Russian Federation, the bank is getting closer to customers.

One of the few banks with very loyal conditions for their future customers. 

Registration of consumer credit in Russian Standard Bank

Registration of consumer credit in Russian Standard Bank

Make a request and get up to 2 000 000 ₽ without information and a visit to the bank.

  • Up to 2 000 000 ₽
  • Up to 60 months loan term
  • Free top-up at more than 300,000 points in Russia
  • Loan interest rate from 19.9% ​​to 29.9%

A loan can be issued at any branch of the bank and within 15 minutes leave with cash.

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Registration of a credit card in Russian Standard Bank

Registration of a credit card in Russian Standard Bank

The main advantage of the card, besides the low interest rate, is the ability to use without interest installments, as well as to withdraw cash at any ATMs in Russia and the world – without interest.

General conditions

  • Loan amount up to 300 000 rubles
  • Interest rate from 21.9% per annum
  • Cashback for purchases
  • 0% installment up to 12 months
  • 0% cash withdrawal

You can learn about the decision of the bank, a few minutes after filling out the application.

Apply for a credit card in Russian Standard Bank →

Russian standard – will help out in a difficult situation

To receive money before the salary, to buy household appliances, to pay off a mortgage loan – these are good reasons for contacting the Russian standard. The bank was created for customers to fulfill their dreams!

A nice website design with filling out an application for a loan “in a few clicks”, as well as a personal account for operations – this makes the application to the Russian Standard not troublesome.

Bank products

Bank products

Russian standard offers a range of 26 banking products for citizens. Credit and debit cards are universal tools for receiving and saving money.

Advantages of credit cards:

  • large sums for the necessary purchases (from 300 to 1,500 thousand rubles);
  • grace period of crediting (no interest is calculated for 55 days);
  • registration under the passport and the second document (driver’s license, etc.);
  • minimum prices for card service.

Advantages of debit cards:

  • additional profit on the balance of funds (up to 5% per annum);
  • favorable cash back (depending on the card);
  • money is not charged for service (only from 2 months);
  • preferential offers for VIP-card holders.

Purchase of banking products is possible within a few days. Fill out an application on the website or arrange the documents on the card in the nearest branch of the bank. When the card is released, they will be informed by phone and offered to pick up at the nearest branch of the bank.

Consumer loan (mortgage)

Purchase of household appliances or move to a new apartment is possible if you get a cash loan. The bank does not provide mortgage programs, it is easier to take a cash loan and buy real estate.

Advantages of consumer loans:

  • term of consideration of the application (1 business day);
  • loan amount up to 2 mil. rubles;
  • without references and guarantors (only two documents);
  • no hidden fees (early repayment of the loan);
  • preferential credit conditions;
  • loan calculator on the site for calculating maturities;
  • insurance of borrowers, as well as SMS notifications for account transactions.

Such favorable conditions allow you to quickly get a loan for purchases or pay off mortgage payments.

You should not “wait for the weather by the sea” to raise wages or strengthen the ruble. Contact the Russian standard and make your dreams come true by purchasing the products of this bank.


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