Banks have adapted their operation and services to the new era of the Internet, providing us with the convenience of being able to request financing through the Internet.

For what used to take a few weeks, now only a couple of clicks are needed; something that saves us time and allows us to finance ourselves simply and quickly. In this post we tell you what are the advantages of applying for a credit card online and how you can do it

What are they?

What are they?

The only difference from an online credit card that is contracted from the bank’s branch, is that we can request it without having to move from home with total comfort.

With an online credit card we can finance our purchases and expenses using a credit that we do not need at that time. This is thanks to the payment methods you have.

Payment methods for credit cards


There are two payment methods for online credit cards:

  • Total payment: traditionally the most used. Purchases made are paid during the first 5 days (approximately) of the following month, that is, when the payment period arrives you must have enough money in the account to be able to settle the debt that the purchases have generated. With this modality there are no interests.
  • Deferred payment: You pay the amount spent in several installments. You can choose to pay a percentage of what you spent monthly or pay a fixed amount each month. The interests specified in the contract will apply.

Steps to follow to request:

Steps to follow to request:

It is a completely simple and inexpensive process. You only need a device with an Internet connection and spend a few minutes to request it. We tell you what are the steps to follow:

  1. Before launching to hire, it is best to compare between those offered by the different entities; your conditions, balance limits, payment methods …

  2. Once we have decided which one is the best for us, we will only have to request it by filling in and sending the corresponding form with our data. Some entities give the option to terminate the process by telephone or online, depending on the customer’s choice.

  3. When we have sent the form, the entity will request the necessary documents to grant us the financing and will send us the contract. The process ends by signing the contract and sending it to the bank. Once you receive it, you just have to wait for it to arrive, which usually takes a maximum of 10 days.

Advantages offered

Advantages offered

Being able to request it online is already a great advantage, since it means a great saving of our time and total comfort to be able to do it without having to move from home. But apart from this great advantage, there are a few more that we should not ignore:

  • Do not pay commissions: there is a wide range of cards on the Internet that do not require you to pay commissions for issuance or maintenance, so it saves money.

  • Get discounts and bonuses: Many of them offer discounts and bonuses in some partner establishments. In this way we can get more out of it and get advantages from our purchases.

  • Accumulate points: Some offer a points program, for which advantages and rewards are obtained by accumulating them.

  • Without changing the bank: Many times it is not necessary that we have to change the bank to obtain an online credit card, we can obtain it without having to domicile the payroll in the entity and without having to hire a bank account.

These are the advantages they can offer, it all depends on the entity and the conditions they offer, so it is important to look carefully before hiring it and know what it is offering us.

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